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  1. Not sure how long it has been, but getting to the Marbles on the beach got me looking at my marbles again, and seen connection pix in my email. That triggered me to try and get back on this site again. Don't know if it is the new format, but being able to sign in through facebook made it easier for me to get back in the connection. I had forgotten my password and name eons ago and it wouldn't let me on, no fault but my own; sooooo I just kinda wandered off, but it is SUPER good to be back on, Helloooo everybody :D! I like a healthy mix of all mibs!!!
  2. I concur!!!! Hello again after, welllllll; I don't know how many years.
  3. Oh, wow, Thanks Steph for finding that for me <3, do love that bird nest!
  4. Just read all your posts bj, and so happy your son-n-law has pulled through, you have beeeaauuutiful grandbabies! Wow, what alot you have been going through lately, God has been watching over u. wanted you to know I will keep u and your family in prayers as well. My dad had prostrate surgery couple of yrs ago, and is doing much better. I remember his struggle before and it didn't seem like much fun, and painful. I pray for whoever needs to get your insurance moving along gets it done quickly! Love ya bj, and love your carvings, pray you are healed quickly after surgery.
  5. Hi Mibsters...My name is Jill Marie and I love vintage machine mades and cool contemporary marbles
  6. Can I just push a like button on here somewhere?
  7. Yea!!! My hometown....I'd be there!!!! Heart of America.....Effingham High School Mascot btw 'Hearts'
  8. I think they are all pretty much 9/16ths, maybe 11/16th, but I will measure them tomorrow,,,,Galen, will you look at my other post with the blue/yellow/green marble in it, thought you might have an idea...I am 99% it is not a newer marble it came in the lot with these ones and they were all mostly Akro, Alleys, and Peltiers; a few Masters, & a couple of Christensens, but that is all. (ok, I realize that is more than a few...lol)
  9. These came in the mail while I was visiting my family. Are the Green and Oxblood Champion?... The last picture shows only a few, but I actually got quite a few of these...I was very happy with my suprise.
  10. So, they are like an angel and tracer mix then....?
  11. Rylee, I saved those pictures of Dani's on my computer too! They are quite cool!
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