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Akro Marbles?

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I am trying to solve a mystery and need some help. I have had for several years a mesh bag of marbles that I bought in an Antique Store. Recently when I looked at the bag, I noticed a small hole in the mesh. When I counted the marbles in the bag, there were more than there were suppose to be according to the bag lable. Since the bag indicated Akro marbles, I took out four marbles that I were obviously not Akro and two that I didn't think were Akro. This left 30 marbles, the corrent number according to the lable. All of these marbles are in Mint condition, like they had never been out of the bag. Also, all of the marbles seem to have a common characteristic. They have a transparent clear base and other colors (mostly white) swirled in to either partially or almost completely fill the marble. Four appear to be Oxbloods. I have attached pictures of the marbles and the bag. My question is, are all of these marbles Akro? If anyone has an opinion, I would appreciate any input you might have.




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I should really stay away from this one! Let me say that it just doesn't seem like a mix that would be in the bag whether they were Akro or not. The oxbloods are Akro and the green and red ones could be as well but the blue ones are totally out-of-the-blue. That hole presents a problem and I suspect there has been some mixing and MISmatching going on. Actually he blue ones are rather nice. David

Edit: Thought I'd dig myself a deeper hole and say that the blue ones look like a cross between a Cairo 'Cloudy Day' and a Heaton 'Robin's Egg!'

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