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Question For Rich

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hi rich, i have a question about ESTY. a while back i wanted my old lady to get a spot on ESPY to sell pieces of her tumbled swirled glass. she wanted to use paypal only and we were both suprised when they wanted her credit card number. it don't make sense to us, what do you think?. thanks, jack & linda

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The credit card number is just a formality of the eTsy site. I only use PayPal there and have had no problems (knock, knock) and I did give eTsy a credit card number because PayPal wants it and since eTsy uses PayPal, eTsy has to follow PayPal's rules. Does this help? As far as eTsy is concerned, they are totally fair and honest so far since I joined in selling handmade items. If you decide to sell there, good luck!

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