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$600 Jabo On Ebay

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I could beet that as there is no listing fee on the bay . but because of low profits they charge there commission on shipping . I think I will add one at a $1,000 when I get some down time Mike

What? No listing fees? You mean they switched all their fees to where they aren't tallied until shipping? Based on what - sale price? I heard they also get a cut of shipping fees.

In My eBay under the Account tab, at the top of the page it still says:

"How to Sell Items on eBay

syi1_16x16.gif Sign up for PayPal (optional)

If you want to use PayPal to accept buyers' credit card and electronic check payments online, we recommend signing up before you list your first item for sale. Register for PayPal."

(red added by me)

I know more than just a few sellers who'd like to know that PayPal is optional! :rolleye-842:

Phyllis: I was, literally, strong-armed into registering for PayPal and then, again, into getting verified, though I refused to be "verified", at the time.

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