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Marbles up to but not including 1" are $6.00 if they go through all three steps. There are three steps and each step is $2.00. In other words if a marble requires only final polish the price is $2.00. If it requires pre-polish and than final polish than the price is $4.00. The 10% discount until Oct 31 applies only to those marbles that go through all three steps. Marbles from 1" to 1 1/2" but not including 1 1/2" are $7.00 (divide by 3 for the price on each step) Again the 10% discount until Oct 31 is for all marbles that go through all three steps only. All marbles from 1 1/2" and up including all sulphides are $8.00. Divide by three to get each steps price. The discount is the same as the other sizes. If anyone would like to have my Marble Reconditioning Information and Price sheet(s) send me an email at [email protected]. ----Leroy----

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