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Found At Standing Stone


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I haven't found Akro Agate in 8 to 10 years that I didn't already have. Found a few at Standing Stone and a few at Sistersville.



The white based green and red corks look like oxblood. Red or oxblood, I didn't have examples of those. I have black, red, on white; but this one is dark blue. I do have the orange based with a black cork and oxblood on top, but this one is better than any I had previously. The oxblood totally covers the black ribbon.

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I'm getting the hang of the Photoshop program. I'm using the Nikon so I'm not getting the football shaped marbles. The Canon was great for pics of the Sistersville Festival but something makes marbles out of shape. Plus I haven't figured out to delete pics from the disk. Have to do that soon.

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