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Thats' a beauty Rich,you made that with moretti glass and a torch?Guess you could get other colors too.7/8" is as big as you can go or can you make them bigger,say 1-1/4"?Very nice work!how big is your kiln,I have one of my own I rarley use.

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I need to look and see what brand and size my kiln is but I can tell you it's got three sections,it's 230V single phase.I use it for pre-heating and slow cooling cast iron weld repairs.I haven't used it for awhile though it's fully functional and ready to go.It's about four feet tall.Maybe you should come up to Sparks and give me a lesson.I have a torch I use to cut steel with.Once again that's a beautiful slag,can't believe you did it last night!Very nice.

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