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Could Use A Little Help Getting Started Please


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I'm a marble noob and was thrilled to find this site with so many knowledgeable people in one place.

Basically, I bought a bunch of marbles from a guy who was cleaning out his deceased grandfather's house and was trying to get rid of everything.

I don't collect marbles but I have always found them interesting and when I saw them I took a chance and bought them all.

So, without a plan except that I'll sell any that are worth selling, I now have a couple hundred marbles with no idea what they are or how much they're worth (probably not a lot but I'd be curious to know if any are sought after).

My question would be, what should I do first? How should I separate/categorize them.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



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If you can divide them into smallish groups and photograph them to post on this site, you'll get quite a bit of help figuring out if any are worth selling. Since you don't know marbles, you can put them into groups according to color or pattern. If any are terribly beat up, you can go on the assumption they won't be worth much but you can always give them to kids to play with!

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Thanks for the reply. I'll take some pictures of some I think are unique (after looking around at some websites but still from a layman's perspective) and post them under...uh, marble ID's? Or which one if I just want to find out what they are and/or if they are worth anything? Thanks again.

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