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The Biggest Akro Agate Moss Agate Ade 1.250 + How Did It Survive


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The biggest Akro agate moss agate ade 1.250 + how did it survive

Well I got lucky getting this in the lot of marbles on the bay .

just wonder how it got save all this time but most of all how was it bought most of the marbles in the lot must have been in a Akro 300 box ?? but the big moss was it is in the box ???

how many are out there and how were they found .

I can almost say for sure it is not a dug marble because of how I got it on the bay and what they were in .

the size is big but it also is out of round as just think of it trying to roll down the line and not getting thrown out !!

size is 1.250 X 1.310 almost a full 1/16 th . hard to mic .

so how rare ???





picture from the auction


here is a link to all the pics if any one wants to see them all only 22 pics . Mike


the link is above this !!! mike

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