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Need Help With A Id Name?


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hi everyone, i have these old german mibs , but i can't put a name on them??? the first one is simply very cool, it's almost flat at a side view? but what is it?? the second one has a blue core that i think is so sweet, but i don't know the name for it? or the other? german mibs are very confusing !! if anyone can help thanks soooo much !!!



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WOW!! Those are both really cool!!

Names for the old handmades used to be really easy!! They were simply called what they showed... With all the books written by "authorities," who have defined every detail into minute maddness, I don't know if what these would be called is the same as what I would call them... But, I'll offer up how an "old timer" would describe them and see if it holds up!! LOL

The first one, I would call a "double latticinio ribbon core." Meaning, it's a ribbon core, with 2 ribbons, made from latticinio.

The second, I would call a blue transparent solid core (with white stripes or latticinio)

It seems to me, the transparent solid cores may be called "jelly cores?" I'm not sure if that's correct... A friend of mine, in Maine, calls the ones with more structured opague stripes mixed with transparent "Tiffany Windows." I'm not sure if this one would qualify, as it has so little opague... Also, I think it's his own name for them...

Another thing about these marbles.... I think these may be what's referred to as "English Colors...??" They are bright enough to fit in with that group, but I'm not sure if they have different enough colors to fully qualify as "English."

If there are more technical names, I'm not up on them... Lloyd Huffer or Bob Block would probably be the guys to know.

Hope this helps a little!!

Most importantly... You have a couple of really COOL marbles!! Names aren't nearly as important as how much you love them!!


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thank you soooo much sue, that helps alot !! naming these types of mibs is difficult to say the least, they are very cool though. i really like the first one , the way the core is and the two ribbons of different colors !!! very sweet ! thanks again scoop :music-rocker-001:

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