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Marble Alan B


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I guess what I am reading is for real and there is a really good guy in trouble. I believe everyone that has ever met or encountered the man would have to agree that this is a really good soul, a kind person who is generous with his time and knowledge and willing to help anybody. Just the sort of fine person Alan is! Alan has helped me and my wife and got no formal thanks and now I wake up. Funny how it takes some crap to wake one up. I am sure that Alan is going to need help, financial assistance and other from huge medical bills and other care. I believe that this is the man that sets up a fund for donations to help animals and now he needs help!.

I do not know how such a thing is done but I hope someone with experience in such matters might come forward and set something up where a percentage of marble sales or just flat-out contributions of money might get to Alan.

I believe marble people are better because of Alan's contributions and maybe it might be time to pay something back.

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I was thinking about running a "multiple available" 30 day Ebay auction.

probabably a non discript (game marble) 1000 available. with a buy it now of $25 or $50.

Comments? / suggestions


and since his PO box is common available knowledge include it for direct to Alan payments.

I would not consider my purchase of one a donation, more of a buy Alan a dinner item.

Alan may very well not like it, but hes on drugs so I aint listen.n - thats a joke - but a lill one.

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Seems one is able to donate to this site to keep it running. Can the admins hold a seperate account for donations to someone and an address to send it to?

I do not know how busy Sissy (Edna) is but I would trust her with my money if she would be OK with having it sent to her to forward and somehow get it to the right party.

I believe any of us could list stuff on Ebay and just advertise it here and on Ebay saying that half or all proceeds would go to the fund for one in need that someone would take responsibility for.

I am not big on folks taking fees to help someone but time is money and even if one would volunteer and say that they need 5% for admin and time, that would be less than most charities get.

I would hope that someone should step up. I would but I am a crook.

Thanks for your consideration.

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