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Please Post -Yours

These are from the "Alans Marble" listing:

I am combining -tads of info from email/paypal inoice and so on, I double check +, to try to be accurate.

Please do not hesitate to contact me, for any revisions or additions.

ebay soapbox thread http://forums.ebay.c...e=1327180008857

Friend of Alans:

1. handmade-vintage-swirls Hello i purchased one of these marbles for Alan , I would like to wish Alan all the best and my thoughts are with Alan and his family , also please do not send the marble.

Thank you Chris. - handmade-vintage-swirls

2. I'm a very new collector and don't know Alan but I am touched by your offer to let everyone help and am so sorry for the shock to him and his family and for what he has had to endure. Please keep the marble to resell and let Alan know that prayers from even strangers are going out on his behalf. God bless you too for the strong friend that you are. -- Judy

3. collectorjred , Jean

4. scoop54 Sue -

5. final-final

6. pinx Alan: Please know you are loved and respected in the marble community, even among us who have never met you. No need to send the marble, David. Elizabeth/pinx

7. tacaulley I would like to thank Alan for the vast amount of knowledge he put out with his websites. I started buying/selling marbles 12 years ago, with the old website he use to have - I learned enough to keep me from going broke. For that I thank you very much. I have never met you but have great respect for the wisdom you bestowed upon the marble community. - Best Wishes, MAIN-MARBLE-MAN

8. wvrons No need to send anything,just list it againa and again. Thank you for this great effort and cause. Ron S.

9. tawpaw David, Thanks for doing this. No need to ship me item. Dear Marblealan, You've given me a wealth of knowledge about marbles and the marble collecting world - too through your website and I Wish to express my heartfelt thank you. Because of your work, I can now identify many different types of marbles, Peltiers, Akros, Cristensens, Handmades, ect. Your love for us marble collectors is grealy appriciated...eventough we have never met, I consider you as my friend...May god bless you my friend. Jim

10.manddrakes Mike,

11.gregsmarbles1 greg11 no need to send me anything. We are all pulling for Alan

12.swamperedscrew Thoughts and prayers for you Alan. Derrick (catfish) deHaan and Bev deHaan please send no marbles. thanks, David....mike b.

18.metalshelf Hi: Alan's help and advice when I first got involved with buying and selling marbles was invaluable. He is truly one of a kind. Thank you for undertaking this initiative and I was very pleased to hear about his induction into the marble Hall of Fame.Bob!b$ No need to send me anything. My message for Alan: God bless you, Alan, and all your loved ones. Cath

23.alaskatoflorida This was a brilliant idea, anything I can do for Alan, I will. He is the best in this unique hobby, always will be.Thank you, Jessica Disco005

24.matthew_passionDear Alan, You have made my life a much better one simply by your existence. I will always love you and cherish our many cyberspace interactions.

Vaya con Dios, my dear friend. Love, Anne P.S. Bach Rules - you'll see. :)

25.gslnut Kathy, Hey Greg, don't worry about shipping the mibs, I'm just helping out. Let Alan and Cheryl know that John Wright from SC is praying for them both.

30.tankgrrl29 Hi David! Thanks for doing this :))

31.hjp71 Hi,I'm in the process of purchasing one of these tribute marbles to Alan Basinet. Please return this marble to your stock and forward the $ to Alan. If possible, please convey my concerns to him and thank him for sending me not only beautiful marbles but taking the time to answer questions from a very novice marble collector. Thanks, Mr. Basinet!

Gail Jones

32.mrappleseed Hello.sir ,,Please dont send me the marble and accept this ..Such a profound & significant loss to all of the marble collectors of the world.. Alan will be greatly missed...Johnny Reigel (Mr Appleseed)

33.bkbowden Alan, you've meant so much to me in my marble collecting over the years. Your heart and integrity will never be forgotten. Blessings....Brian Bowden

34.enlalucha Please re-sell the marble and give Alan my best. I'm very sad. Greer Markle

35.lflo8700 Luis

36.experiencelavender thank you for all your years of generosity to those just starting out -- even and especially people you didn't know, like me. You helped preserve a history that otherwise would be lost. with love and respect, gail chaddock

37.38.crazykittie9378 Thank you Alan for all you have done for the enjoyment of marbles. You were very nice to me when I first started collecting, and I have you on my prayer list everyday. Blessings to you and your family, and never give up. Cheri

39.40.kocart1 God bless you Alan--we are praying for you and your family. You have touched a lot of lives and made people happy--our family especially!

You need not send anything--send all proceeds to Alan. Our best, Kristen and Mitch Cart

41.sissydear Do not send the marble

*****In Memory of another marble Gaint, Weldon Eaton***** dws

42.bjmarble Hi John,, Please keep the marble and give it to the next child you see for me. For me Alan made marble collecting more enjoyable because - you could always ask him anything and he "took the time" to respond. His integrity was beyond reproach and his love for the hobby was undeniable. Alan always called it like he saw it whether it was in describing the condition of a marble or giving his opinion on politics or Ebay. We are loosing a GIANT and I for one can not thank him enough for everything over the last 15 years I have known him. Peace be with you my friend!!! Brad,

43.44.eagleridgegifts Resell them. If possible, I would like just a single header and baggy memento to put my fav in in honor of Alan. Jane

45.arasmus Al,

46.creo333 Please, send no marbles. Thanks, Wolf felixelgee No marbles please, just warm thoughts and prayers to the best marbler. Woodside Jane,

51.52.retdex Please do not send marbles. God Bless Alan! No marbles necessary. I love Alan, too. Raelyn,

57.58.papajay4 Please do not send the marbles, just keep'em rollin. If you talk to Alan, tell him Walt says hello and to keep lookin up. Thanks, Walter Steward 9papajay4)

59.albard0 Alphy,

60.marblebert Bertram,

61.62.lutznut Hi, I bought two marbles for Alan's auction just send one keep the other one. I'll put in my collection. Thanks. Mike vankempen lutznut.

63.griff-mo I already have a Marble Alan marble,so no need to send the one I just bought,,,,,keep rolling mine over too.Griff

64. 5-fang-lu Alan was there when I first started collecting marbles. His influence and integrity protected countless newbies like me and promoted our interest in the hobby. I printed out many pages from his site and read them carefully, and I consider him my "teacher" in the field. His knowledge of marbles is astounding, and he's set a brilliant example for the marble collecting community. Alan has always been a paragon of honesty and integrity. He's smart, articulate, funny, and inspirational. Whatever happens, I will always associate marble collecting with Alan Basinet, and I will always be profoundly grateful to him for everything he's shared with us. I'm buying a marble, but please don't ship it. Please give everything to Alan.

I'm praying for Alan and his family. With great respect and admiration, Laura B.

65.66. 402leeslegendarymarbles Hello, Marble Alan we (Lee's Legendarymarbles and Collectibles) would like to say "thank you Marble Alan". You are one of a kind just like the marbles you sell. Our prayer's are with you,your friends and family. You are a "LEGEND". Thanks for all the great advice and help, your friends always! Lee and Charles Batterton

67. bfridlin do not send the marble - Although I only know Alan from a couple of telephone conversatios, from his reputation and from buying marbles from him, it is hard for me to accept his desire not to accept treatment. I have been successfully treated for lymphoma ten times over 15 years in Atlanta and in Alabama at UAB where I am presently undergoing a bone marrow transplant at the UAB hospital in Birmingham. The pancreatic cancer treatment team at UAB has been successful in positive treatment of pancreatic cancer patients. If Alan would be at least willing to talk to them here at UAB, it would be great. I know a pancreatic cancer patient who has been successfully treated at UAB who would be willing to talk to Alan. Talking does not hurt. Please call me on my cell phone so that you can update me on the situation. Trying to help here. call xxx-xx2-3500 I am presently in Birmingham at UAB Hospital. I live in Troy, Alabama. Bert Fridlin Bert has made numerous attempts to pass this info to Alan - dws -

68.grandpamarble I can't express my sorrow for this sadest of all news. I had pancreatitis myself but caught it early enough to recover, one of the lucky less that 5%. I want to thank Alan for all of his courtesies and for his willingness to share his knowledge, always within 24 hours.

No words can express my gratitude, or give an accounting of anything like the sum of his contributions to us all. The most respected authority in the field, ever. Thank you Alan, Terry

69.bobblocksmarbles Note from Marble Collectors Corner:here's an additional donation for alan. The last thing he should have to worry about right now is getting bills paid. *** +$250****

70.dibsonmibs I just want to thank you for all the wonderful years of marbles you gave us on Ebay. I enjoyed looking at your auctions, learned alot about marbles from you and even bought a few (well, more than a few) marbles from you. Sorry to hear about your illness I will add you and your family to my prayer list. Thanks! Janice.

71.72.mkw_designs Please send me one for my collection. One is to honor Alan, the other is to say thanks to Cheryl and everyone else who is working so hard.Marlene aka mkw_designs.

77.bodocker We are praying Alan,a super guy and friend and a great marble grader bodocker

78.luckygiddle big thanks to Alans friends in Lebanon thanks Peter, dws/mb1

83.member436167 Please keep the marble and resell it. Thanks for your efforts. Steve


85.baileytjblue Thank you for doing this for such a wonderful man.


87.titanphreak Alan, the marbles I have purchased from you are some of the favorites in my collection. My wife surprised me with one ay christmas time that I had shown her on Ebay - while bragging that you had the best quality available. You have also been very kind to answer my questions as a beginning collector. It is much appreciated. I wish you the best in your fight - in the coming months and my thoughts and prayers are with you.

88.tex10guy Please donate this marble back for resale.


90.konzalaw Thanks MarbleAlan for all the fun times we had bidding on your marbles. No need to send item. Thanks Again Alan. Konzalaw

91.froskie Please keep the marble for another sale, although I think it is lovely. Please send Alan my love and wish for him to have peace.

92.moore101158 thank you Alan for teaching a newbie collector so very much. Without the wealth of info gained through you, I believe I may have not continued on. You are in my thoughts. Lilly


94.zensum It has been quite a trip, Alan. Will be not be the same Pizzaz! without such a good friend and guide. Miss You.. Thank You for everything, which is a lot. Please don't send the package but use the funds to do the right thing for Alan. Feels like the world has changed. Thank You, Michael Fox

95.96.bucca all my prayers are with Alan he is one wonderful person to know thanks...,jeff

97.98.rhgeis65jk Alan,you are in my prayers,Sincerly,Bob Geis

99.runnuup Please resell. Alan thanks for everything.

100.sarister72 Thanks very much to Alan. I am an 11 year old collector and a couple of my favorite marbles came from marblealan.

101. marbleman9408 Marble Alan-My favorite seller! Thank you for the schooling on Marbles.Always a big smile on my face at the marbles you sold.Description & grading first class,exceptional. Con grads on marble hall of fame Induction.I wish you wrote a book on marbles.I would have been first in line,you no that.Love and prayers my brother,please get well. You are a True GLASS MASTER and Teacher.Marbles are a kick in the GLASS.Marbleman9408...

102.bmds2012 do not send but re-sale to help Alan financially

103.juliedexter for Alan and I don't want the marble, I just want to help....Julie

104.jsdustin We love you Alan and admire your unfailing integrity and contributions to the wonderful world of marbles.. John and Lanie Dustin

105.106.lucask7 Thanks Alan! You are in our thoughts and in our prayers! Kathy&Randy (lucask7)

107.daveinva Do not ship the marble. Send the proceeds including shipping fees to Alan.Im glad I'm able to help .

108.phbern1917 Of course I was shocked to hear from Alan from the hospital when he told me his terrible news. I am still at a loss for words

109.jimandy151A year ago I had malignant, inoperable, 4th stage cancer. 3 kinds. Now it's all gone. Don't give up. There are lots of things you can do in addition to what the oncologists say. One of the herbs someone recommended can be found easier under the name pau d'arco. Cat's claw is another good one. Get some tropical fruits like mangosteen & noni. Goji & acai are good, too. GET A LOCAL NATUROPATH. It's out-of -pocket, but the doctors will have you way in debt anyway.

110.007jpt I will say a prayer for you Alan, you have made marble collecting what it is now. You and your family are in my thoughts.

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I'll be sending my contribution to Alan via Cheryl to the address provided in the other thread. It was wonderful to read the tributes from those who purchased a marble. Long ago, I bought several marbles directly from Alan back when he had his own website where you could browse, select a marble and buy it, confident that what he described is what you'd get. I will also miss his contributions to those inflammatory topics on his board, such as the origins of the CA "Exotics", the nature of "true" oxblood in marbles, etc. I always hoped he'd get around to writing his own book on marbles. Alan, thank you for making the world, not just the marble community, a better place.


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David, I am saving all of these in a folder to show to Alan! they mean so much to hime, as does your effort and concern...Alan had a good weekend, eating more and sitting up some with visitors...love ya!


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Alan had a pretty good weekend, eating and drinking and sitting up some with visitors....I will continue to share good wishes...

again, IF you have consignments to him, please send me name, item descriptions, your address, e-mail, phone # if you want and I will make every effort to return them. Be patient, it is slow going, there are hundreds!


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EDIT: I've had this link for years. Sometime ya cant see whats right if front of you. This "version" is a remix as a tribute to "IZ", I've always liked it that way because at the end I remember IZ.

I missed that,... in times like these, some of the "interpretations" are too sad, and could be considered intrusive or insensitive. The "mix" is a tribute to IZ. The song is from IZ to you.

I'm leaving the link. The Journey is for all, the sadness is a meant as a reminder of IZ.

I know not, what tomorrow brings.

the original post follows:

I post this silly assed tune everywhere I go, dont know what it is, but it touches me deep.

take the time.


"no energy is every lost, it jus changes form." - Albert E. & Jesus of Nazareth


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  • 2 weeks later...

These we're left for Alan in my ebay feedback.

my thoughts are with you Alan & family - handmade-vintage-swirls

Alan was always the encyclopedia of marbles for everyone – bjmarble

Best regards, Alan. - hjp71

Best money I ever spent. A very small token for past kindness.Peace -


Best of luck to Alan... Hang in there, please... - migbar49

Wish I could do more. My best regards to the best EBay ever saw or likely to see - grandpamarble

a tribute to a giant in the world of those who love marbles. – experiencelavender

Please convey our best wishes and prayers to Alan-- fine, noble human being. - kocart1

Thank you Alan for all of your support over the years. – jamesallowayartglass

Alan's expertise in the marble world is 2nd to none! Please send Alan my wishes. - 007jpt


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As I lay near sleep one night, words came to my thoughts while meditating about Bruce (triker) and (marble) Alan, words were with me that morning still and I believe given to me by the Lord. I cannot fathom what they are going through and I cry to the Lord for them.

If I had more time,

Would I smile more, worry less?

If I had more time,

Would I play more and work less?

If I had more time,

Would I hold a grudge or let it go?

If I had more time,

Would I let you know you're a great friend?

If I had more time,

Would I thank God more and complain less?

If I had more time,

Would I hug more, say "I love you" more?

If I had more time,

Would you know I prayed for you?

If I had more time,

Would my name bring a smile and fond memories?

If I had more time,

What would I do?

:-) Felicia

Stay strong and God bless. Thank you guys for being you!

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I'm about as insignificant a player in the marble world as they come, probably spent less than $100 with you over the years. Regardless, you always treated me with the same respect and dignity and courtesy you no doubt accorded to all of us. You have always been the most approachable, real, and dependable authority on marbles in the entire community. You make everyone feel welcome and comfortable. No intimidation, no high-falutin attitudes. I could ask you anything, and you unfailingly responded -- and usually the same freaking day! -- with the same courtesy, respect, and accuracy I imagine you gave to everybody. You have set a standard that needed setting, for that alone we are all forever in your debt.

And you can still make me laugh out loud! I had no idea who Cheryl was until she signed a post as your ex-wife. I laughed because it did not surprise me in the least that your ex-wife AND her husband were in the trenches with you here. Good people draw good people around them, and you've lived your entire life honorably. That's just the kind of person you are. I love you, Alan, thanks for everything!

Linda K

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  • 2 weeks later...

Greetings all...Alan is still hanging in there at home. He has lost a tremendous amount of weight, but is eating and drinking better than he was a few weeks ago. he has a lot of visitors dropping in and this cheers him a lot, I think. I am still seeing him 2-3 times a day and all weekends, around my work schedule. His parents are living in the apt. he fixed for them behind his house, and visit several times a day. Hospice comes over about once a week. So we will keep you posted on his progress.

On another note, Alan has decided to sell his private marble collection. his good pal Gary stern will handle the sales. we will release the seller name and dates of the first auctions as soon as they are decided.

Thanks to all who have sent donations, items and good wishes. Alan and I are keeping track of all of them so we can send thank-you notes. He wants to write these himself, but has not had the energy. But rest assured he has gotten them all and that they have really helped .

Cheryl Malinowski

Alan's friend and ex-wife

[email protected]

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This week has brought many changes..Alan was experiencing a surge in energy and concentration, clarity..had started some auctions...was sorting through his books and comic collection...then he fell several times in the middle of the night Tues, started morphine this week, yest. and today he is so out of it he is barely able to stay awake. I don't know if he will come out of this fog...meanwhile he us not eating and barely drinking...so of course growing weaker...will keep you all posted...Cheryl M

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Rest in Peace Buddy Alan Basinet, 1964-2012. Buddy passed away at 8:30 this morning, March 15, with his parents and with me at his side. As per his wishes there will be no funeral, service or burial...Alan donated his body for scientific research...his parents will receive his ashes in a few months. Please remember him with a donation to Community Hospice, 4266 Sunbeam Road, Jacksonville, Florida 32257, communityhospice.com. I will continue to stay in touch.

Please spread the word to all who knew him...Cheryl.

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