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Jurassic Park Swirl


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This 5/8" Swirl was part of a vintage lot I recently found in the hills of WV. Stark dark black on bright white, the black trailing off into an indigo blue. I see a double headed bronto/brachiosaurus...or maybe just a dead skunk layin' in the road...stinkin' to high heaven. My apologies to Loudon Wainright.

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I'm baffled with the ID on this one. My first thought was that it's a WV company like Champion or Alley. But let's say that instead of white, the base color was a medium opaque blue. Instead of black, say the swirls are orange. I think that most people would ID it as CA more often than calling it an Alley. What do you think? Anyone have pics/info on white-based Christensen Agate Swirls? I'm not speaking of white based flames or the Bloodie type, but more your average CA random swirls.

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