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Found A Couple While Cleaning & Sorting

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Like many of you, over the years I've accumulated boxes and bags of marbles that weren't really worth putting in my display cases. Today was a snowy, cold day, so with nothing better to do, I set about sorting through mostly with the thought of tossing the really chipped ones. I found a cool Vitro "V" with a nice clear blue matrix and a V of oxblood strands. It would be impossible for me to photograph with my limited skills and I doubt the oxblood would even show up, so suffice it to stick it in my Vitro case. The other one I initially thought was a sunburst type, then a light bulb went on and I think it's actually a 3/4" Berry Pink. Mine, if it's really a BP, has gray and red stripes on a white base. I could try to take a picture but I'd rather have someone post a picture for me to compare to, or at least a description. Strangely enough, I couldn't find a picture in any of my marble books. The nice thing is I've always wanted a Berry Pink but forget to look for them on Ebay.

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