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Could This Be A Oxblood Swirl Or Oxblood Joseph Coat


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Recently I found an interesting marble. It has very dark red colours that look like oxblood. My friend Jeroen van Valkenburg thought that it is an oxblood swirl. He recognised the dark red colour with the yellow band. A similar marble can be seen on the old website of Marble Alan with a two white bands. But MA mentioned that he has seen them with yellow bands too, and there is also a photo of a ghost core with two oxblood bands. So more varieties are known. MA named them oxblood swirls. The white and yellow bands of those oxblood swirls float above the oxblood. Notice that my marble has normal red bands. One is next of the yellow band. But the majority of the red is defenitly an other kind of red.

In my marble the bands are like joseph coats in the same layer. They don't float above it. So my marble could be named oxblood joseph coat. I hope someone out there can confirm my thoughts, or can give a better explanation.

The first and the last photo are from MA old website.







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