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  1. You can get old ones from any of the antiquities dealers.
  2. Gonna muddy the waters just a little bit. From akro digs about 10-15 years ago. Its translucent lavender. Got it from Marble men. Who the main source for diggers.
  3. The pontils are the red flag. They are just not right.
  4. He wont be the only west coaster to brave the snow. yes, very clearly polished.
  5. The papers were in a safe when Boyce Lundstrom bought Peltier. They are in a safe place since his passing. You cannot get copies. Hopefully they may someday make it to a book. Edited sorry got name incorrect. Its fixed now.
  6. I also do not believe it was accidental. Especially for black. It's actually rare to find a NLR black with no AV than with AV. As with the other colors though, blue, bronze, green, yellow red may have been more accidental to experimental. In some cases it's just a matter of the AV spilling into the next color. In some, like a blue zebra you will see the av in the smaller ones but not in the big shooters. Why that is, I do not know. Companies did keep secrets.Their secret may have been in the process of doing consistently and precision. Here are 2 pics. The first is a real nice precision blue galaxy where the av doesn't stray. The second is what is more common that you see for a blue galaxy and that is what I call a "sloppy" galaxy. The av spreads out and in some parts spills over into the next color. What Ann is showing is a bronze zebra. Was that color accidental or experimental? I will go with the latter. precision av sloppy av spilling
  7. It would already have bids on it if it weren't a repro. Even with 6d left. You can see in the pics that what should be a full 1 patch is broken into 2 patches. Real ones do not break.
  8. Bag yes. Cubby is iffy. Might be vacor. The colors blend too much. Also, funny that the only side that looks pelt she lets it get magnified. This seller is known to buy in bulk and expect them to be mint. When they are not she complains even though stated in auction that it says most are nm or better. Beware.
  9. And because it ended on the 4th. She didn't trust it to go too high. I would never bid on a seller who tries to put a "legal addendum" saying that it was "as is" and the buyer couldn't open a case with ebay and paypal. If that was true every seller would claim ignorance and put that in their auction too. She also has a LOT of reasons for no returns. Even if its her fault not to mention something ing the auction or pics.
  10. The construction looks the same as my agate. Minus your extra band. I am not sure how old the process of cold soldering is or how extensive. It could be the way they did it. I had this ring made for me. The coin is a California gold $1. Very small and very thin. The jeweler did cold solder to prevent any damage. I wanted the back open to be able to see the reverse. That's why they did the cold solder. (the crimp mark at top was already there.) I am sure Bernie is familiar with this process.
  11. Very nice Bernie. As to value? Since the metal is brass it may not add any extra value. Except as a novelty. The value is in the sulphides. A friend of mine found this agate. Caged around the equator so the bulls eye is seen on both sides . Definitely old. Size is 3/4". I am leaning toward as a pendant or part of a watch fob. The metal is gold. Tested at 10k I think.
  12. They are out there. They are over looked because they are so simple. Still a nice find.
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