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  1. wow I found the right place I am a swirl junky
  2. I was thing these were alley until I got one from a friend. the ones he sent me from a champ box and many otherss 100% champ
  3. I am not 100% that it is RW This one was a proses of elimination
  4. hey craig can you put up a few pics of each pontil on the onion thanks my friend
  5. outstanding loving that K&M wow nice egg yolk let me know if you wont to let the egg go
  6. Leroy does great work here are some he did for me
  7. outstanding!!! I would have to say them are my favs. Here are two of mine
  8. That is so cool I tried it one time and they all came out cloudy I gave up please explain the grits more and knowing what there job is
  9. I with you on that. I sent it to Marble Alan years back this is what he had to say.Hi Greg---I'm running late but am shipping your marble tomorrow. It measures 2-9/16" and is in 9.1-9.2 condition. The fact that there is minor damage in the way of microscopic flakes, a couple subsurface reflections, and some minor wear is suggestive of age; however, this could be faked if carefully done. Most large marbles like this will have ground pontils, which this one lacks. But it does have an abraded/filed basal pontil, which I have seen before on genuine examples. I hate to sit on the fence on this one
  10. I compared it to an antique marble and the only difference I see is damage I don't think I know what I should be looking for. A marble that old should have more damage. Is That a good sigh that it has been remelted? I have asked a lot of people about this marble it was said with remelts the bubbles will make straight lines loops circles ect.... I don't see any off that. I am with everyone about this marble that it is newer or a remelt I am looking for that light bulb to go off in my head. I am so thankful for everyones help.
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