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  1. wow I found the right place I am a swirl junky
  2. I was thing these were alley until I got one from a friend. the ones he sent me from a champ box and many otherss 100% champ
  3. I am not 100% that it is RW This one was a proses of elimination
  4. hey craig can you put up a few pics of each pontil on the onion thanks my friend
  5. outstanding loving that K&M wow nice egg yolk let me know if you wont to let the egg go
  6. Leroy does great work here are some he did for me
  7. outstanding!!! I would have to say them are my favs. Here are two of mine
  8. That is so cool I tried it one time and they all came out cloudy I gave up please explain the grits more and knowing what there job is
  9. I with you on that. I sent it to Marble Alan years back this is what he had to say.Hi Greg---I'm running late but am shipping your marble tomorrow. It measures 2-9/16" and is in 9.1-9.2 condition. The fact that there is minor damage in the way of microscopic flakes, a couple subsurface reflections, and some minor wear is suggestive of age; however, this could be faked if carefully done. Most large marbles like this will have ground pontils, which this one lacks. But it does have an abraded/filed basal pontil, which I have seen before on genuine examples. I hate to sit on the fence on this one
  10. I compared it to an antique marble and the only difference I see is damage I don't think I know what I should be looking for. A marble that old should have more damage. Is That a good sigh that it has been remelted? I have asked a lot of people about this marble it was said with remelts the bubbles will make straight lines loops circles ect.... I don't see any off that. I am with everyone about this marble that it is newer or a remelt I am looking for that light bulb to go off in my head. I am so thankful for everyones help.
  11. Interesting Are there other ways to tell if it has been remelted other than the pontils
  12. Hello every one nice to find another marble site. I do recognize some names
  13. here are some more pics I have been getting lots off feed back on this marble on other web pages and emails I am so thankful for every ones replies
  14. I have been asking around to see if this is old Please give me your feed back on what you think It is 2 and 9/32
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