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New Marble Website As A Trial

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Hello Marble Collectors,

I want to share with you a website I have created as a trial. www.monumentaltrees.eu This name will change in the future.

The website shows some marbles I have for sale. Right now mostly Joseph coats are shown. I am particularly interested in what you think about the photo of the marbles. I have experienced that making good photos of marbles is not so easy, but I must say they don’t look bad. I have attached some photos of which I think they are pretty good. I use an aperture of 10 to get enough sharpness.

Do you think the quality of the photos is good enough to offer the marbles in this way? I turn the marbles 90 degrees each time and take a photo, and of course from the pontil and the top of the marble, so there are 6 photos of each marble, except for some lots with 2 or 3 marbles.

I look forward to your reactions, and if someone has an interest in any of those marbles you can contact me at [email protected]






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The photos look good to me. Do you use manual focus? Aperture shouldn't normally have a whole lot to do with sharpness when shooting marbles.

Mibs ~~ Aperture = Depth of Field. If the aperture is wide open the DOF is paper thin and more of the subject is out of focus. Getting the sensor to read the closest point is almost impossible. Someone mentioned using manual focus, which is the preferred way to get a sharp image. The smaller the aperture the more of the subject is in focus.

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"There is no need to have an extremely small aperture if using a tripod and timer."

There are three variables: shutter speed, aperture and ISO/ASA (formerly film speed). Changing any one will affect the other two.

DOF = aperture: larger aperture (lower f-stop) = shallower DOF (less desirable); smaller aperture (higher f-stop) = greater DOF. This can be compensated for by a tripod and a longer exposure *which allows for a smaller aperture*.

There are *three* variables. Change one and you can adjust the other two to suit your subject, equipment and *light*.

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Jeroen ~~ sorry for hijacking your thread.

Hey Dani ~~ The Mamiya 6x7 is being used as a doorstop because no one processes film anymore. (I've heard that there is one lab left in KC, I think.) You probably saw me w/ either my Nikon D300 or D700. Actually instead of schlepping around the heavy stuff I been using a "Four-Thirds" Panasonic GF-1 which is an incredible little camera for its size.

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