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Ot - A Few Pix From My Trip

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Thanks - the osprey was a 3 day venture in Maine on Sand Beach, Rock Point.

The schooner was one of the tall ships that was in a "social" race where one of the ships my wife was on got hit TWICE by 2 other schooners while rounding the buoy 1/2 way into the race. I didn't catch the name I am afraid.

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Well Rich another good trip well now for some stories , wish we could have had more time but things on my end were off a lot this year . so will attach a great picture . and I just wish we had more time than a day to spare and looking at marbles but look at my auctions on the bay and I think you would have loved looking threw the boxes . again Thanks Mike


Just think Rich all the goodies in all the boxes . just think you had to walk around them . Mike


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