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Marble Find In The First Part Of The Week


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Hi all well not much but common yes what I thought was a banded agate turned out just to be a marble king and with issues but still different I think , the best was a surprise a mint 3/4 well almost a big 23/32 Akro Agate imperial very nice ,and only one other cork in the bunch but just a green white base . a nice orange base glass helmet will keep that one out . and then a few pelts one is a white rainbo with more air bubbles than I have ever seen . so not much but a few good ones . so far only one made it into a cabinet yes the imperial . Mike











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This is the rock I had in mind when I made my guess,measures 1-1/2".I can see now the colors are reversed,more blue than white.I wouldn't be too dissapointed with the lot,in my opinion all these real vintage "MINT" marbles will have value in the near future if not sooner.Good hunting blueagate3.jpg

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