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Block’S Marble Auctions #1103


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  • 2 weeks later...

CyberAuction #1103 catalogue is now published. The auction will be on Sunday September 30 at 9:00PM NYC time. For the time being, I will be running the CyberAuctions at icollector.com. I'm exploring some other options, but this seems to have the best software at the moment for collecting absentee bids and for running the virtual live auction. The chat capabilities are not as good as I'd like, but none of the virtual auctions has good chat.

You can view everything at http://www.icollector.com/1103-Marble-Auction_as24640 as well as registering to submit absentee bids and participate live. You can view the link to the auction and information on how to participate at http://www.blocksite.com/marble-auctions/block-s-marble-cyberauctions/

Bidding is online via icollector, by email or phone to me, or live on the night of the auction. Payment is via Paypal (preferred), credit card, check or money order.

I had originally set it up with a buyer's premium to recover the icollector and paypal fees, but I'm changing it to NO BUYERS PREMIUM. So, what you bid is what it costs you. Shipping, as with my Ebay auctions, is actual cost plus about a buck to cover the packing materials.

This one is a short auction, only 50 lots. I'm getting the folks who do my imaging and shipping trained, so I wanted to keep it small. I do all the cataloguing, sizing and grading. I don't leave that to anyone else.

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