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Ain't No Way To Treat A Lady

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Returning home from running Granny's errand, Little Sweetie was mugged by the mauling mibster gang and thrown into the practice ring where she was sorely abused. Steelies and agates were only part of her rough treatment as one little brat grabbed her and repeatedly threw her against the back brick wall of Funtons hardware store. Her moans finally heard she was rushed for medical treatment and x-rays revealed it was just about hopeless. About that time Granny rushed in and hearing the Doctors prognosis pleaded "Oh Doc" do something please don't ship her off to the basket case ward they'll disfigure her completely up there. Those re- melters and sphere machine operators will have no mercy on her. Doc said I don't know Granny, poor thing had no bumps to begin with, they evidently were rolled off in the sandy dirt ring eons ago. Think I can keep her good and round so she can have a good smooth roll every now and then, but I know she'll loose the tip of her one bump and have a few chigger bites scattered here and there but because you're so fond of her I'll do what I can do. We will get Hansel to juice her up real good and we'll start surgery immediately. Well Doctor fixerupper worked his magic and the surgery was successful. Now Little Sweetie enjoys a life of leisure hanging out on Granny's kitchen window sill gazing out the window, just enjoying nature and the sweet smells of Granny's baking. And Little Sweetie doesn't have to worry about those mibster monsters anymore. Guess all's well that ends well. Ronnie wediscount2


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