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Wvmcc Update. Dave's 1" Cases

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Due to time restraints, I've decided to use some of my photos from the display wall at the Jabo Inc. production office. I used an older T-50 camera, natural light, and cramped conditions, but overall, they do the job pretty well. These cases are not all inclusive, and as time allows, I will post photos of my personal collection that will fill a many gaps. I will also be photographing many 1" runs, post-'05.

Take your time looking through them, as you will discover a lot of things, and may notice a few very close matches within two different runs. If you find to have examples that are seemingly indeterminable, look for pattern continuity as far as pattern mapping, and number, and thickness of filaments, or color strikes. This solves the riddle of "Turtle, or not". Know that the variegated green yellow from '01 is the true Turtle, not as seen in, and often described from '03. Color was not the only reason it was named Turtle. It has a lot to do with the multiple stacks of variegated colors that angle, and turn, like one would see on many native close specie North American Turtles. Painted turtle, Red Eared Slider, and some other sub-species.

In some cases, only in hand comparisons with adjacent marbles within the run, are the only way to differentiate, as one can detect color similarities that will only fit that run. Do not use this to identify a different size machined example, as I've seen the same glass used in a 1" run, that was used the previous year in a 5/8" run.

Enjoy. http://westvirginiam...on/?cat=23&pg=1

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