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William Marbles

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Hi. Just wondering what you all think about this up coming comet event? I'm looking forward to it. I have 3 telescopes and hoping to build a rig for the camera to capture some great images. Right now I'm getting my largest all set up. Already been looking at the sun with the sun filter and comparing with the current nasa sun images..all good.

I noticed that youtube is full of doom and gloom about this; end of the world.

Anyway, it's coming up to Mars pretty soon.


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Had a good look at Kohoutek and Halley, and have been known to decamp to dark places for the Persied meteor shower, so I just wanna see it. Hope it's a blazer. But not a scorcher, y'unnerstand.

I long for one I can see with the naked eye in the daytime . . . not, however, if it was going to be the last thing I was going to see . . . although . . . that wouldn't be too bad, considering some of the alternatives . . .

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