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American Marble Auctions

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Have to say I am VERY pleased.

1. Very fast shipping, I live in MD and had my marbles yesterday (Wednesday) and they were shipped from CA!

2. VERY reasonable shipping and handling charges. ( I won 11 lots and my S&H was only $7)

3. Decent grading.

Thanks and I hope there are many more auctions to come!

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I'm looking forward to a couple of marbles from this auction myself. Right after I paid I received a confirmation for shipping. I've dealt with both guys (Sami & Jeff) from this auction before for buying marbles and bottles/canning jars and rate them excellent. Congrats on your new marbles Skyler. Paul :)

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We don't believe in making money off shipping. In fact we lose but it's a minor cost that a lot of auctioneers have taken advantage of unfortunately. Our intent is to invoice quickly, ship quickly as we don't wait for checks to clear, and hope that our customers are happy with their purchase. All we can do is be thankful we have great customers and do the best job we can.


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