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How Would You Name This Handmade One?


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It took me some time to get some pictures of this. I dont know what to call that one, it has three outer bands in different colors and a core made of many thin threads of different coloured glas, red, white, yellow, orange and black. Its not a latticino pattern it looks more complex. Hard to get that on a picture because of the outer bands...





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Hi Stefan: For what it is worth, some collectors refer to this type of marble as an "End-Of-Day English Style Onionskin Submarine". I don't come across them very often, however, I have found several over the years in large Canadian Collections. They were all in the 1 1/4" to 1 3/4" diameter range and none were Mint. I sold them all to well known American Collectors, some of whom's names I have seen in this forum from time to time. The only reference where I have ever come across this type of marble has been in Stanley A. Block's Hardcover Book Titled " Antique Glass End-Of-Day Marbles " on pages 97 to 99. Some collectors also believe they may be Josephs Coats, however, I am more inclined to go along with Stanley Block. Hope this will stimulate some dialogue which is healthy for the hobby. Have a great day, Bob.

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