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Happy Saint Patrick's Day!


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It's almost 10:00 PM on the East Coast!

Seriously? Nothing from anyone?

Maybe I grew up in a particularly good time on the Lower East Side of New York.

All I remember is that when one group celebrated, we all did.

Chinese, Italian, Irish, if there was a party going on you were welcomed as a

temporary member of a completely different ethnic background.

(It's possible that this was a necessary release for us New Yorkers, since we

tend to generally hate each other, regardless of origin.)

I also remember 8x10 photos of Jack Kennedy and Martin Luther King in almost

every small business establishment you might visit. Personal politics and race

didn't matter that much. It just seemed right to show respect for good people.

Anyway, here's a shot of a green marble.

I think this one is technically more of a 'mineral sphere'.

Also think this is called 'aventurine', although not the same

thing that most of us would think of. If anyone has any knowledge

of this distinction, I'd appreciate hearing about it. ( :


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