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Akro Oxbloods Ending Tonight

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Due to my HORRID luck in filling my Bumble Bee,Boy scout,Girl scout and other jars, I am culling my collection back to what I like the most.

There is 1 marble in the auction I was hesitant to sell,but with my eyesight, i really cannot enjoy it so I figured what the hell.

I have another 50-60 Milky and SIlver Ox I will be listing next week as well as more ades

I know most of you guys are beyond these in your collecting but I do know some of you still collect the silver and milky and I hope these meet your likes. There are no moons in this lot or visible impacts. Those listed as NM will have what people call "Pocket wear" which ....I still have no idea how that applies to a grade ;) My NM is Bob's 9.2-9.4 I also do not use the words wet mint. If I list a marble as mint it is a 9.6-9.9

I also have hassle free returns. Most of you know I do all of this for fun and the last thing I want is someone feeling they were intentionally misled so I do have a no questions return policy

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