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I Got A Small Snicker

Gnome Punter

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If you get an email from Manylittle

[email protected]

Do not click on the links :)

Seems she let herself get hacked. I did get a smile out of it, but I am sure she spewed her anger in more directions than mine, so be warned.....do not click on that quaint "loveninja" link :)

iloveninja is set up for password phishing and malware. After reviewing it;s parent directory I saw a spam redirect from aol.com with a subroot :mail, so it seems she got tricked into log in to her email server from their site.

If you did follow the link go to the following URL and download


Install. If you do not care to do so, do not create a back-up. Since you are not going to mess with your regedit then you will not need it.

Run the update

Run the scan

Remove what is suggested

Then click on immunize, then click it again. The 1st time is a checksum for current protections, the second click applies it

Spybot is all I have been using for 4 years now. Superior to any product. be sure to click to download the FREE version as it is for home users.

Those whom got an email, but did not click the link, kudos for paying attention

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