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Great Software For Youtubers!


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I've been using the 'Ummy Video Downloader' (with which I have absolutely no personal connection) for a couple months now.

It's the most useful, well-designed, and easy to use program I've seen in a very long time. And it's free, without any of the more significant 'irritants' that some freeware programs have.

The basic idea is that it allows you to save a 'hard copy' standard format video file of whatever you might be watching on 'The Tube'.

This can be incredibly valuable for some people, although that depends, of course, on your personal preferences and needs.

I'll tell you some reasons why I personally think so, and you can decide whether you might think so too.

*You can play these standard video files in your 'media player' of choice. I've used Windows Media Player, VLC, and others. You don't have to be 'connected' with YouTube, or even 'on-line' at all. Watching a video in these players can sometimes give you a higher quality 'picture', if you will. And you can use their 'extra features' like slow-motion, A-B repeat, etc.

*Very often, YouTube 'turns down' the resolution setting of any given video you might be watching. This saves them bandwidth, but gives you a 'less than HD' inferior viewing experience. The downloader automatically records the video at its highest available resolution.

*Once you've made one of these 'recordings', it's yours forever. If it suddenly 'disappears' from the tube, you still have it. (Please avoid legal and moral issues by keeping these files for your own personal use and not 'distributing' them.)

Please read this warning: The last thing I want to do is cause any of my friends here problems. Downloading, installing, and running programs from the internet can be a very tricky and dangerous business. Unless you have a lot of experience with this and know the many steps involved to do this sort of thing relatively safely, please don't do it at all.

Wishing everyone and 'theirs' at TMC a wonderful New Year! :)

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