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History on Lady names with Alley marbles and clarification of which are named by wvrons.


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Great first-hand history account on Lady names for Alley marbles.  Link to topic above.



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I started the Lady name with Alley marbles and the lavender or pink is always the ribbon or swirl color, never the base.  The blue base and pink swirl was my x wife's favorite Alley marble. The blue lady was the first Alley Lady marble named by me for her. ALL the Lady Alley marbles should have lavender or pink swirl or ribbon.  I know of no orange base Alley with pink or lavender ribbon.  Marble names should have a reason and a background as why they have the name.  Anyone can call or list on ebay, a yellow and green Alley as a green lady. But it will not be called or labeled that by me, ever.  There is no blue lady sky.  A Blue Lady and Blue Sky are different marbles.  The Blue Sky marble was the first Alley that I named. It was at a Sistersville show many years ago. About eight or ten Alley collectors were together and ask me again as in past years to name some Alley marbles. Later I was walking down the street.  I pulled out a Alley from my pocket. Looked up at the nice blue sky and white fluffy clouds and I decided that Alley marble would be Blue Sky for me. It was blue base and white swirl or ribbon from the Pennsboro location. About one more block down the street I pulled another Alley from my pocket.  It was a blue base and pink or lavender swirl form Pennsboro location. I looked down the street and there sat my X wife talking with collectors. So I decided that I would call that Alley marble Blue Lady. That was also the same time that the Tater Bug and Lady Tater were named. I used the names along with those other serious Alley collectors. With time the names were accepted and stuck with collectors. Marbles should have names for reasons other than just more money in the bank. Marbles should have names to be more recognized and learned. Marble names should fit the marbles. Marbles should have a reason or history for the name.  More and more every year, every marble has to have a name and the name means nothing. Even the older long standing named marbles have lost all their original meaning. Naming marbles should be done with respect and a reason other than just to raise the price.  That should apply to any marble and person. I don't even know who started Alley Orange Lady. But it would be interesting to know why and the history why. Maybe if we knew that, the name would be accepted better ?  When there are too many named marbles, which is now, no human can possibly every remember them all.  So then the names have very little value any longer.  Even old long time accepted company and collector names for marbles are now being changed regularly. The name game continues and any name mean less and less.  Name any marble what ever you like.  Change the name next month if you like. I have bought a marble only because of a name or even a company name, with regrets later. Most of us have done it if we are honest. But I will do my best to not do it again. I will not buy it because it is from a certain company or a certain name.  We should buy the marble for what it is. "

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