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Daniel Trilli


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I am sad to anounce that Daniel Trilli has passed away at the young age of 24. Daniel was a contemporary boro marble maker and his skills were amazing. He bust out on the scene a few years ago and blew people away with his precision and attention to detail. When I first saw his marbles I thought they were amazing. Then I realized they were like half the size I thought they were. His work inspired people to focus of precision and shape. His sculpting was very inspiring as well. Amazing shapes and flowing designs. Daniel will be deeply missed!!

This was a letter written by his best friend Anton. And some photos below of Daniel and his work.

I am so saddened to inform you that Daniel Trilli has

passed away and is no longer with us on this planet

earth. Over the past year I have struggled

emotionally and cried many times watching my best

friend suffer from Bi-polar disorder and loose his

ability to be the artist he was and even a person at

times. In the last 4-5 months his medication had been

effective and he had started to make some beautiful

art marbles again. On Friday (4/13) he ventured into

what would be his last headie piece, a 15 section all

inside gold and silver dots dry horny thing, but this

piece would prove to be fatal. Knowing better but

suffering from some mental errors caused by the

disorder Daniel worked about 15 hours with NO

VENTALATION because of the cold weather, leading to

severe metal poising and for several days suffered

from vomiting and dehydration. On Monday night his

mom brought him to an emergency room in a small grungy

New Mexico town, and told them the situation. They

only took his blood, told him they would get back to

him and released him shortly after arriving because he

doesn't have insurance. The following day he was to

never wake and we are told by preliminary results that

dehydration from the metal poisoning was the proximal

cause of his passing. For those of you who didn't

know Daniel personally he was one of the most gentle,

genuine, compassionate, caring, enthusiastic,

ambitious, all around talented, fun, energetic,

artistic, friendly, imaginative, positive, shirt off

his back well-rounded kind of guy. He will always be

my best friend and I will forever dedicate my glass

work in his memory. I have spent more time working

and talking glass with Daniel Trilli than anyone else

and I will try my hardest to use and share the

knowledge this great glassblower shared with me, to

the world. Daniel really respected all of you who

supported, shared knowledge and friendship with him

and inspired him along his path of glass work. If you

would like me to relay any messages to his family and

friends I would gladly do so. Daniel Trilli will

never be forgotten and we will always cherish your

contribution to the glass world. -Love Always Anton


Check out his gallery!!These marbles are amazing!!! Note the size of the marbles compared to a penny.

Here's Daniel:


Here he is at work. His left hand was deformed, with only two enlarged fingers, which makes his work all the more amazing:


We have lost one of THE masters at super fine, tight details in glass:<br>

















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