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Any Info On These Please?


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All I can say is they are machine made, probably old and I really like them. Hopefully somebody can tell me more about them. It would be especially interesting to know where and when they were made, but any info or opinion would be great.




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Thank you both for your ideas/opinion, I am none the wiser as your thoughts are so different. If it helps the 3 marbles came from separate collections in UK. Until I got the red one recently the other 2 were kept in a jar with what I think of as German sparklers, however I decided to regroup the 3 as maybe something else as they are all distinctly different from the other sparklers having a pattern towards the outer and not in the middle. The red one is quite different again, it has a clear base, hard to see for the blurry red strands then other colour strands nearer the surface. Any further thoughts are most appreciated.

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You show one picture with a clay marble. Are all the marbles shooters?

Sorry about my poor pics, each pic is of the same 3 marbles which are all glass base and about 10/16ths. Two are now headed back for the German sparkler jar but I have tried to add better pics of the reddish one just in case. Whilst on the subject I have also added a pic of a blue base marble which I assume is German sparkler but I have never seen another in coloured glass. It would be interesting to see if anybody has any coloured glass sparklers to show. (the blue one is about 11/16ths). Thanks again for all your help.




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