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  1. Jabo Joker I Anatomy Of A Cranberry

    Just a note of joy to share. I've been on this site since becoming the owner of a rather sizeable collection of fun toys I remembered as a kid. Thanks to you, I've not only have been educated about the art & science of marble making, but introduced to a fellowship of fun, passionate people who "use their marbles" to share joy and beauty in this world. Today, I was blessed as Burt Wilkins himself came to check out my collection! I am pleased to say, MANY, of my marbles, found their way "home" with one of their creators. God bless you, Burt! What a pleasure meeting you and hearing your stories. Bless you all at Marble Connection! Merry Christmas!
  2. MC Marble? Mark Christensen?

    Anyone else have thoughts on who this MC might be? This is an oddball found in this collection. It was in with several MMMs, some vintage, and other specially selected out marbles. No markings on bag. Original collector deceased.
  3. Jabo Superman? Superman Extraordinaire? 2003?

    Cool! Thank you! Pretty isn't it? Stunning colors!
  4. Jabo? Think Jinks 08?

    How FUN!!!
  5. MC Marble? Mark Christensen?

    Bless you!
  6. Jabo? Think Jinks 08?

    Really? That's cool! How'd you get listed as a partner? Did you help produce them?
  7. Jabo? Think Jinks 08?

    BTW...Thank you!!! I DO APPRECIATE ALL your input!!!
  8. Jabo? Think Jinks 08?

    Have a small bag of interesting Jabos (I think) which I can't ID positively. Closest I can find is the Jabo Jinks run - Nov 7 2008. Interesting marbles! LOTS of green aventurine and among the swirls of oxblood, white, and clear (base?), are flecks of gold lutz/mica? One even appears to have a tinge of yellow in it... Attached are a few examples of what I'm looking at. Thoughts anyone?
  9. MC Marble? Mark Christensen?

    BTW...how was your move? We moved my in-laws in the Fall from Chicago. Very glad we didn't have to do so in the snow! We're from FL
  10. MC Marble? Mark Christensen?

    He also had quite a collection of Jabos...mostly JERK series. Several other...some Vacor and miscellaneous rarities. There were 3 German Indian marbles, a latticino, other miscellaneous old marbles and quite a few modern "no big deals".
  11. MC Marble? Mark Christensen?

    I received it in a large collection from a friend of my husband's who is now deceased. There were several MMM (Mad Man Marbles)'08 and this was in the bag with those. It's the only one I found marked MC. Hmmm...
  12. MC Marble? Mark Christensen?

    Anyone else have ideas? It's got an MC signature on it.
  13. MC Marble? Mark Christensen?

    Wondering if this marble looks like it might be a Mark Christensen and if so, can it be dated? The lighter color is actually a light blue. It contrasts with outlined swirls of a crimson red, and yellow. The MC signature can be seen in the first picture in the light blue at about right/center 3 o'clock position. This size is 11/16".
  14. I have a 3/4" marble with stunning colors and pattern. Closest I can match it with is the Jabo 2003 Superman pictured on Santa's Bling or Superman Extraordinaire for sale on eBay at the moment. Not really sure. Thoughts anyone? How do I ID Superman run from another? Were there many of these with the vibrant blue?
  15. Lots of Lutz! Assume Jabo...can't ID run

    Interesting thought! My husband says, "yes, entirely possible!"