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  1. Group 16: oddity

    5 looks lile it might be a Alley.
  2. Marble addict intervention

    I live in Des Moines, Iowa. Email is Jamesoetz@yahoo.com
  3. Looking for New Marble Friends to add to Facebook

    Yep its me
  4. Im looking for new friends that collect marbles to add to Facebook.
  5. Cat eye marbles

    I guess i need to look through my cat eyes.
  6. Taking pics of marbles with phone

    Been looking at making or buying a photo tent.
  7. Taking pics of marbles with phone

    I went to a camera store and looked at a real nice slr but its about $1,000.00.
  8. Happy Easter

    Happy Easter
  9. Can i take good pictures with my smart phone?
  10. First Timer

    Quality of pictures means alot.
  11. Anything look good?

    Some people are really good at identifying the swirls. Not me. Lol
  12. First Timer

    You have to many marbles in your photo. Would help if u maybe group them in 4s
  13. Newbie from Iowa

    I owned a shop for 5 years. I went to a huge monthly flea market today and saw some marbles for sale. So i decided to buy them. Its been a few years since I collected. So we will see what I find. Hopefully a few good ones.
  14. Any Marble Groups on Facebook?

    Thank you