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Sad News From Phoenix

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I know an E. Shelton Wilder who is an art teacher in New York and a collector of contemporary marbles. I don't know a Phil Wilder. Edna

He was the gentleman in the dark suit that sat across the aisle and back about two rows from you and your sister. He had a picture of Bo on his cell phone that was being passed around. I am hoping to get a copy of that picture. Thanks anyway for being there. It was wonderful to meet you.

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Edna....I was going to post a couple of picture "Bo" things after reading your post.....but since I don't see the flower pot I can drag my feet a couple of more days (whew)....

Norma, please check your email.


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This is my first post, I just joined and I saw the post about Bo

about 13 years ago Bo gave me a lesson in marble collecting.

i had just started collecting that year. He taught me what to look for

and showed me his collection. Over the years of collecting the thoughts

about what he showed me really mattered I'll miss him I was supposed to

meet up with him last month but got too busy, and we both live in phoenix

I knew he was pretty Ill but I thought I might hook up with him at the

ornage county show (My wife and I first show) I'll miss you Bo.

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