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"Jane Doe" Ping Pong Ball Run

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Hi out there,

while I just fail getting my easter eggs rolling down a track, it creeped into my mind that I have still this ping pong ball run contraption to post. Since months I have no idea about a name so here it finally goes nameless as is:


The two columns wind up the balls a spiral way. The balls then drop onto the downward track and at the bottom they get split by colour to each spiral lift. One motor drives the lifters synchronously. Two AA-cells could do the job for hours. No fancy stuff, no decorations just the necessary parts to get it work and stable.

The lifters are inspired by Akiyuky's GBC devices.

Here we have the track side:


The pictures were taken unpowered, so the balls queue up before the splitter. When powered those waiting are distributed across the tracks and there is little to no queue at all.

Enjoy your (easter) time


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Hi folks, YellowMarble,

hope this will make your day - the clip I just made today:


(It is my very first clip ever, so please be not too harsh with your criticism)


Edited by Hoody
Got the clip embedded finally.

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Nice.  Beautiful scenery.  Soothing to watch. 

Sorted by color?  How did you get that effect to work?  


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