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  1. I like the idea! In first case, this Youtuber is one of my rivals... However, i got some ideas to add fidget spinners in one of the events for my upcoming MarbleLympics 2017.
  2. I know him and i've visited him a year ago! I also want to build similar projects in the near future!
  3. It looks beautiful! But the marbles in the edges are forever trapped...
  4. Wow! This looks very good! Do you have a video?
  5. It's simple, but a fun idea to make mazes, you can also try to make tunnels or mazes with multiple "layers".
  6. Nice dream you have! You also dreamed about me?
  7. I've build this machine in a holiday park Landal Greenparks Heideheuvel, this rolling ball machine has 6 paths, a racing track and an elevator which must be pulled up using a rope.
  8. OK, nice concept, but there also another marble race on twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/marbleracing
  9. They all passed the test. I'm wondering why most people asks this about doping.
  10. I use a barrier who will been lifted to start the marbles. The simpliest way is to use a small plank which can be removed at the start.
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