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finding it hard to id this mib

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I'm also finding it difficult. 

Can be hard to show details on marbles with a lot of transparency.  Sometimes using the flash instead of natural light can help show off the structure of a transparent  marble.  Also putting the marble in a bowl of water has been used to help show off what's happening inside it.  

Am I seeing a seam in the third photo?  

Slightly larger pix would be good.  (Can crop more off the side to keep the kilobytes small.)  

My first guesses are a more modern marble.  Possibly a Jabo or a late Vitro. 


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3rd pic and last pic is what looks to be a seam, the closest i could find to a match was a vitro/jabo tie dye,or jabo classic the white on it looks like it was stabbed in with a knife then swirled around i can feel a divit with my fingernail,fold maybe,here is another pic, seam is turned slightly to the left but it shows that marble is not completely smooth ripples in glass or what not..the introduce yourself section also has this mib in the pics of marbles i found in abandoned warehouse my friend purchased..


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Does look like a seam.  A long one.  

I'm leaning toward late Vitro.  About 1990.   From when they were in Anacortes.  


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