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Davidleatherman's mibs, group 4

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Here's that pic.  I'm gonna take a break for a bit but I'll be back if no one else covers it. 


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Clicking on that a couple of times to make it a little bigger ...... 

Left to right

Top row:  #1 might be a Vacor ... there _are_ older styles which look like that also, but i'm leaning Vacor.  #2 needs more views.  #3 ... hard to tell with the red and white swirl ... could be old, could be new.  #4 is a Vacor.

Row 2:  Vacor on #1. Not sure on #2.  #3 could turn out to be an older marble -- an Alley -- but I suspect it is modern.  More views could help.  Not sure on #4 -- leaning modern.

Row 3:  #1 is modern, but i'm not placing the maker right now.  #2 is an old German handmade.  I think a latticinio again.   #3 ... not sure.  #4 not sure, leaning modern.

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