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  1. glad y'all made it past the 21st. lol. now its MERRY CHRISTMAS time to everyone...Marie
  2. hey, thanks Al. the second or third ones a lot like the second.....very dusty dirty and worn. the guy that had them used to take them out and give them to kids a long time ago. probably why they look like they do.......Marie
  3. i just found out you're right Ric. now tell me what kind of bags.. plastic or mesh ?
  4. nearly 40 bags of them. rough shape.. who made em? not Champion.....
  5. what about that stuff they fix rock cracks in wind shields? they are also supposed to blend with color.....
  6. i've lost my touch, i used to be able to tell Scott's marbles but i cant now but it dont look like an Akro either.......whatever...
  7. i've seen marbles that have been left in water a long time and it would be worse with salt water. now be sure and not to mention marbles that werent made then too.l
  8. i think i mentioned they are also flat.......
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