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  1. The marbles that I am showing, I was told that they were from the Ravenswood store, when they were still open.
  2. Well, here are some Ravenswoods that you have probably not seen before. David Chamberlain just saw them for the first time, Oct. 24, '07, when he stopped by here. These were brought to me in the early '90's by Elaine King. It is my understanding that these were a special run. It isn't my plan to sell any of these. These do seem to be rare.
  3. Don't know as whether these fit, the Earthtone as much as "malt" colored to "dark chocolate". Anyway that is what I refer to them as. I don't think that they have a specific name. These range in size from 23/32" to 9/16". I have a handful of 1/2" sized MM. Most of them are very similar colors, in yellows and oranges.
  4. Here is a large, 7/8", clear base with red filaments, ? is it a Master Made, sunburst type marble? I really like the white painted on patch on this marble. Here is that same marble with 2 sizes of Sparklers. The color of the first image is closest to the large marble.
  5. Here is a red based, Master Made marble. I have heard these referred to as, "cherry". However, the base color on this one is, dark cherry transparent. It is 5/8".
  6. PatryD

    A few pelts

    Here are 3, unusual, hybrid, Peltier marbles. ? quad color Rainbo's These are in the 5/8" to 11/16" sizes. All are mint. They have a transparent green base with opaque light blue, (1 has aqua), yellow, white and the addition of redorange.
  7. Wonderful patches shown! Just posted these on the thread about, "pearlized patch". These are among my favorites of patched marbles. The green patches, look like thick, green, frosted, finger nail polish. Most of these, that I have seen have annealing fractures in the patch and typical Peltier bubbles.
  8. After working on getting better images of this marble = much thought and experimenting, indoors and outdoors, here is the best that I have been able to come up with. Now remember that the banana is white. Look at the upper right of the banana and you will see some of it. It seems that my camera doesn't believe it either and doesn't want to get it the way it can be seen, "in hand" and with a light.
  9. It is next to impossible to get an image of this marble that shows that it has aventurine in the white banana. The marble has clear base glass and colors are distorted to try and get an image of the aventurine. Any suggestions on how to get a good image of this marble that also shows the aventurine will be considered. Look toward the top side of the banana to see the aventurine. It is much more abundant than this shows, however. The original image that was on the item on eBay could not show the aventurine either. I read about it in the description and trust the seller enough to bid on the marble. Do any of you have one of these?
  10. The blue goes from royal blue to navy blue = but it isn't black.
  11. Show us your favorite Akro Popeye. Here is mine:
  12. Here is a quick scan of one of my little paintings = that we still have. The NFWS was for Niagra Falls Watercolor Society, which I was a signature member at that time. It will take awhile to find photo's or post the article. This is a little smaller than actual size of the painting.
  13. That is a HTF Vitro marble. I had looked at it and was interested also. However, I have 1. Mine doesn't have the aqua on it. A couple of reasons that I didn't bid on it was that I need to use that money for a new camera. Another reason was condition. Yet another reason was that not every collector who would like to have one has one yet. And = do I really need more than one? Congratulations and enjoy it!
  14. It's very interesting that every single person has different likes and dislikes. When I started collecting marbles, it was because I was doing paintings of the game of marbles that children played, when I was young and in elememtary school. (My Mother gave my Brother the family marbles and they are no where to be found We think that his wife sold them in a garage sale.) So, I began using some marbles that my husband had kept = to do paintings of. Because of that I needed to use machine made marbles as models. These paintings led to being quite popular. I needed more marbles of different styles and colors than what my husband had kept. He also had a couple of old handmade marbles but I was more interested in the machine made marbles. (We still have the marbles that he had.) And it wasn't because marbles were inexpensive at the time. I was teased for buying machine mades at the first Columbus, OH show that I attended. There was so much to learn about the machine made marbles that I decided to concentrate on them, still do. (I can still enjoy my collection but can no longer do the paintings.) My paintings of the game of marbles brought several nice local and National sales and awards. Even an article in the, AMERICAN ARTIST, magazine, in March of 1993. My budget wouldn't support collecting both old hand mades and machine mades although I have owned some handmades and still have a few, that simply is not where my yearnings to collect, lie. There are vast types and styles of machine made marbles. I like the new ones being made also, They are beautiful! I have a few comtemporary, handmade, marbles, each one is special because I have met or know, the makers of them. Marble collectors might be, "birds of a feather", however, there seem to be many different types of birds that come to the feeder.
  15. PatryD

    Show Me Your Face

    Here are 2 baby bird heads. Had to be from the same run.
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