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  1. 12 o'clock: Yellow latticino core 3 o'clock: Yellow latticino core 9 o'clock: Divided core Opinion (worth what you paid for it): You'll want to lay off damaged handmades as much as possible - unless you are getting them for a dollar or three.
  2. Alan

    did you know Ken Fee?

    If anyone has a photo of him - I'd appreciate it.
  3. Alan

    Have You Ever Seen??

    Thats a light lavender. And yes - I've seen a few.
  4. I'm too busy to ever be bored (Among others....)
  5. Alan

    Contemp Artist Signature

    If it were me - I'd take the easy way and email photos of anything in question to the Bessets. They know their work and can tell you rather easily without looking at the signature. I'm in Tampa right now and can't take photos. My very small Besset mica pieces are unsigned, as it would deface the piece. Their bas relief engraved cameo pieces as well: I have a very large Besset piece (below) that i don't recall how is signed because it was a special multi-stage production project with another artist (IIRC).
  6. Alan

    German or Contemporary

    A bit odd - but appear German. Pontils are right.
  7. Alan

    Contemp Artist Signature

    The ones signed Besett are just that. No guess on the other ones as the styles are not unique to any artist's style. I said "did" because I was at those shows and know them both. I can't say about shows since as I haven't attended those. That show seems to have shifted considerably to almost all torch work.
  8. Alan

    Contemp Artist Signature

    I don't believe the first few sigs are the same as the last. The last ones appear to be Harry and Wendy Besett. They did attend a few of the Wheaton Village events.
  9. Alan

    Random thoughts about marbles

    Now that....is poetic.
  10. Alan

    Random thoughts about marbles

    Given that the 'air" was from glass components (including colorant and other additives) at ~1,500 degrees F - I see bubbles as more of a result of the chemical process - than from ambient air. No-one stirs ambient air into the batch intentionally.
  11. Alan

    Is this an Akro ashtray?

    Not Akro to my eye. Not Akro glass, not Akro style mold (top or bottom), no apparent Akro pressed logo, accent glass flow is minimal. Looks like Houze.