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  1. I own two, as well as two funnels and some plungers. One has hand-carved grooves, this one doesn't.
  2. Its a good series - but would be MUCH better if the contestants would lay off the social values proselytizing.
  3. May I recommend pulling the camera back so the marble comes into focus and the exposure is more realistic? The trend of posting pics where the marble is the size of say - Saturn causes the image to lose realism, focus and makes it tougher to ID.
  4. Alan


    As Chad noted - a Nova looks quite different.
  5. Alan


    Looks like newer glass. Maybe back the lens up so it comes into focus.
  6. What can you tell me about the marble at 11 o'clock?
  7. You didn't list it for Buy It Now price of $6.00. So you didn't offer it for $6. Stop trying to confuse the matter. You offered a Peltier Blue Bee - which is why Ebay emailed me to noting that a "Peltier Blue Bee" was offered. If you want to offer me a Peltier Blue Bee for $6. - let me know.
  8. You're making it worse. For no reason. You listed a $5 MK Bumblebee as a Peltier Blue Bee. The latter is a reasonably high value marble. You knew that because you were told that. You can have a fit over this and make yourself look worse - or learn from it, fix it and move on knowing more than when you started. Its up to you. People are watching.
  9. The seller's dilemma is that its on the seller to accurately describe the lot. Or to say that they simply don't know. But when a $5 marble is described as a $150-175 marble - then the sellers reputation suffers. Thats just how markets work. I understand the conflict that you mentioned, but again.... if you have 2 or 3 conflicting IDs, you have the choice whether to list it - or wait for a better ID. Choosing to list it described as the highest value of the 3 possibilities..... makes people wonder. Selling at shows simplifies the process a lot. Folks that have been in the hob
  10. As others have noted - they are almost all modern marbles and game marbles, generally not collected. Some are quite new. The bags are fake bags with new marbles - often sold to the unsuspecting in "antique" stores.
  11. They are almost all modern marbles - most of them made recently in Mexico. I don't see any considered collectible.
  12. Its a coreless swirl. The presence of fine bubbles are sometimes referred to as a ghost core. It caused by the first marvering of the initial core being uneven and the second gather doesn't adhere well.
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