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  1. I haven't seen an Akro Salesman's Sample Box come to open market in 20 years. Back then a good box was selling for $12,000.+ Probably well north of that now. They are salted away in long-term collections.
  2. Machine made/roll mark.
  3. I refer to them as "marble stands".
  4. It an accounting euphemism.
  5. 5"/54 caliber Mark 45 shell casing, cut down.
  6. "I'm sure these are handmades. You can tell from the pontils". "Is that adventurine?"
  7. Alan

    Marble king

    Anemic Bumblebee
  8. I own two, as well as two funnels and some plungers. One has hand-carved grooves, this one doesn't.
  9. Its a good series - but would be MUCH better if the contestants would lay off the social values proselytizing.
  10. May I recommend pulling the camera back so the marble comes into focus and the exposure is more realistic? The trend of posting pics where the marble is the size of say - Saturn causes the image to lose realism, focus and makes it tougher to ID.
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