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  1. I can't answer why Miller Machine is no longer used, but I have some of these and believe they are called multicolor swirls (MCS). If they have ribbons instead they are multicolor ribbons (MCR). To me, all 5 do appear to be Peltier MCS. Others will kindly correct me if I'm mistaken.
  2. I would have guessed this was a CAC but it is 0.79-0.82" out of round. Very confused.
  3. Of course a pic would help, wouldn't it?
  4. This marble looks like a game marble except for a really big eye and what looks like a seam. Any thoughts?
  5. These three stuck out from the rest - can anyone ID? The first is very blonde, the second lighter than most ambers and the third is just really cool! Thanks!
  6. Thanks - I'm adding some better shots of the ox if that helps. The glass is clear with no tint - for some reason today's lighting showed up blueish
  7. What do you think - are all four Alleys? The first looks an awful lot like pictures of a Pennsboro I've seen elsewhere. Is there a way to tell where certain Alleys were made? I'm happy with just a maker ID but thought I'd ask. Thanks!
  8. Could I please get some help with ids on these - all have me stumped. The ox seems more swirl than cork, plus it floats on one end and dives through the middle to a spot on the other end and is syrupy? The last one I thought was Akro seams but the patch looks almost like a Berry Pink? Thanks!
  9. I'm seeing Peltier multi-colored swirl colors/glass, but I'm very new at this so just my guess.
  10. There are small bubbles in the glass, but second to last set of pictures is surface damage. I think I've figured something out - see if this makes sense: it appears to me to be a CAC cyclone that has been damaged and polished. I noticed a somewhat slippery feel to the marble and much of the surface pits are rounded and smooth rather than sharp like I have seen on other marbles. Can polishing make detection of the seam more difficult? In any case, I appreciate all the feedback. Time for me to move on to other puzzles!
  11. The 9 o'clock must have been a reflection. I can't locate a second seam even with a loupe. There is an interesting sharp cut off in the last black fleck (see below) which seems to extend beyond the fleck with a barely noticeable change in the glass to the left, but I wouldn't think it is a seam. It is odd how the fleck is stretched at one angle (see 1st pic of additional photos) but a straight line at another angle. Would a dealer be able to confirm if I took it to a show? Being in FL there's no place I know to get an expert opinion.
  12. Yes, transparent green base as far as I can see. I did find some discussions on other forums about these. I have to ask since it sounds like some are darker - I know there are MFC white bricks and black bricks and the look is quite different depending. Could there also be MFC white green bricks and black green bricks? Personally, I really love the ratio of oxblood to green and white in mine. I can see why people rarely part with these!
  13. Here are the add'l pics - the size of the marble is 0.65 inches. Thanks!
  14. I could get lost in this marble following that brown around. Really cool. Is tracer the correct term for it?
  15. based on the crease pontil. Anyone know a date range on these?
  16. Here are a couple pics in natural sunlight. I think I need to get a macro lens - getting good closeups is tough!
  17. I never even heard of those before! I now have an ID'd shooter and learned something - thank you so much!
  18. At 0.91", this one stood out with the intense blue color and bubbles. Thanks.
  19. I had to over-expose the pic to get the oxblood to show, so it is much prettier in person. I'm thinking it is an MF Christensen green brick.
  20. No guess on this one but I like the activity!
  21. Here are two more pics of the "blueberry" top. Still curious if this is damage or as-made? One side is smooth and rounds into the crater. The other side has a raised lip around 1/3 of the crater. In the crater are multiple facets or chisel-looking marks. The surface and internal is really interesting to me. But I have no idea how to classify - transparent swirl maybe?
  22. I'm still relatively new, so for me "lots" of "higher-value" means a dozen $50+ each. Here are a few larger photos in case it helps - including a sad photo of the side with damage. It does have yellow, orange, black and a greenish-tinted white. Does the whitish color tip in in CAC favor or could still be Vacor? Also, it is 0.56-0.58 inches depending on where I measure (not on the chip) if that makes a difference. Thanks!
  23. Thoughts on this? Parrot with cold roll, messed up cork, other? Possible Peltier? Is there a name for this one? No idea - any help is appreciated Neat clear rainbo? #3 pic shows I thought was damage but it is really smooth almost faceted flat top like a blueberry but not a chip? Could it be a pontil? This possible CAC had some strange damage - what happened? The really odd thing is that the lines do not affect the surface of the marble - perfectly smooth as far as I can tell. I can't detect anything there. Anyone seen this kind of problem?
  24. I'm hoping cyclone/cobra but I've never seen one in person so really not sure what this is. It did come with a LOT of possible higher value CACs. Thanks!
  25. Do all these 4 look Christensen? Each has 2 pics except for #2 solo. Thanks!
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