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  1. I dont know how that showed up here i think it was one shared as a lagoon. But its not part of the original post/pics.thxnks kathy
  2. Additional pics these are marbles of mine i obtained them from an a gentleman whos father was a salesman for peltier for many years Its very difficult to capture adventurine in photos any suggestions? these have silver av in the clear spaces and on the white ribbons it collects againt the edges mostly the blue av is in on the blue ribbons some have blue and silver or blacl n silver together theres one that has allot of av blue green and silver it looks like if not surfer types is there another marble that could have these av colors in them?
  3. Are any of these pelt surfer types all have adventurine one with blue and silver av one with blue nd black all have light green transparent base.
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