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  1. Yup, a good turqouis is hard to find, DB.
  2. Looks to be Cac, the only other option would be Alley Agate West Virginian, minus the yellow, but I'd stick with Cac. DB.
  3. Actually I dont think it looks like the same glass but do understand what your thinking,it also appears that the dog has a seam down the center of his back, Its a very curious Item, still waiting to see anything from any company that has a simlar color combo, that marble is the closest so far but, the oxblood looks different, perhaps it was some sort of bead cut in half with the white belly added as a base for the bead? now just need to see a matching bead, it still seems most likely that an Akro person might have just been playing with glass, I did email Roger Hardy 1 dozen photos about 1 1/2
  4. Interesting marble,not some funky corkscrew?? would need to see some other angles.That's pretty darn close. DB.
  5. 9/16ths to a micron under 5/8ths and I wont ever make any more little guys, they gave me somw serious headaches due to the tiny bits of clay used.the big boy is 1 1/16th DB.
  6. Thank you! thats the big one you should see all of his little buddies. DB.
  7. As a boy growing up I remember going to the carnival that came locally once a year and to Antique shows with my mom and dad there were always glass artisans making animals, carosels, balloons, just about anything you could possibly imagine, very skilled they were with a torch, they could knock out an elephant, giraf, aligator, just about any animal in a matter of minutes, no big deal, alot of different color clear base rods and some milky white for different effects, you see alot of these creations here and there at antique mall and shows, flea markets, estate sales just about everywhere, at t
  8. Thanks for your opinion, I will loop the dogs belly next time I see it and add photos, and close ups of that area the dog was purchased at auction in the late 70's, maybe some old hippie torch artist was making buckets of them, Still haven't seen anything like it (ever) and I cant Verify its Akro either, just a thought on my part do to the similar color combo, please tell me this since you are a torch artist, if you used old Akro cullet would this even be possible?? DB.
  9. Not Torched in any way shape or form.
  10. I had Roger Hardys contact info at one point in time a few years back, as many little scribbles on pieces of paper go it has disapeared and I can not locate it, since I'm not a huge Akro collector, perhaps he's the one who might possibly be able to shed some light on the subject, at this point it is merley speculation and thoughts of others points of veiw reguarding this object most likely a (one of) type of item since I know of no one who has a similar or seen anything else in the relm of this figure, and yes the only company that I'm aware of to use this color combination is Akro. DB.
  11. Also note the dogs belly Ann, all white, I believe or at least all of the antique/ vintage beads Ive seen are 360 degree color or pattern not half pattern and half white, the ashtray thought is just my opinion it seems to make the most sense to me. DB.
  12. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong, If you were to (torch) vintage or Antique glass such as Akro Cullet just for an example dont you think it would drasticaly affect the color? especially oxblood? DB.
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