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  1. Yes, like solar flares. I scrambled together som sort of light box and it worked fairly good. For some reason I was also leaning towards Veiligglas when I first saw the marble. I have a white opaque Veiligglas marble with green aventurine in it and I thought of that. As you say, regarding my location, there’s a good chance that it is just that; Veiligglas.
  2. Sweet! Thank you Steph. Every now and then they appear.
  3. What could this be? It was tricky to capture the essence of the marble so I thought that a shinethrough of light could capture the translucence.
  4. Would you say that this Veiligglas or just a ”plain” German? It’s quite busy and I try to make sense of the pattern.
  5. Picked up a smaller handfull today. A (Veiligglas?) wirepull, four asians, two fat cat’s eyes and an interesting translucent swirly white.
  6. I am leaning towards Vacor blue jay: https://www.billes-en-tete.com/detail.php?id=6&lang=en
  7. Very helpful pictures! 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼 Thanks. What do really identify a German striped opaque? And when are we in terms of year of manufacture?
  8. Thanks, Chad. Let’s focus on number 4, simply because I keep looking at it almost every day. Who else is supporting that it is a German S.O. and who thinks otherwise?
  9. Aha! Veneered you say. So basically a thin layer on top of a base? Is this common only for Asians?
  10. I haven’t posted in a while but I sorted out some contemporary Asian opaques the other week. Childhood keepers. 😊 I’ve noticed how some, as beautiful as they may be, are of ”lesser” quality than others. The stripes and patterns are very shallow, like they made a solid white marble and… I don’t know… somehow ”painted” the striped pattern onto the surface. I honestly dont know how to describe it but I tried to take a couple of photos on shallow dents that reveal a white spot.
  11. Exemplary, Chad! 👍🏼 I almost expected the seller to put up a struggle but he gave me that refund, almost too willingly. Then there’s the chance to leave feedback on the seller, just like on eBay. I honestly don’t know what to say. The dirty box and the lack of proper packaging, giving me a broken product, leaves a negative mark but he did give me a full refund and that’s positive. Looking at the feedback from his former customers, I can see that he had a few issues in the past. He doesn’t seem lite a bad person, just sloppy and not so good at communication. I could just skip the feedback all together because I’m rather happy than right, but then I’m also thinking about his future customers and how they should be able to see both the positive and the negative. It’s a tricky one.
  12. Yes, I agree. 👍 After all, it is glass we are talking about and it should be handled with care.
  13. Beautiful! How big is it (the marble)?
  14. I had to look up the word "Kräfstvika" because I've never heard it before. In Sweden we call it a "Kräftskiva" - [Kreft-shiva] I've been to a few of those before I became vegetarian. It's boiled crayfish, alcohol, singing and funny paper hats for an entire evening. The day after you don't blame your hangover sickness on the alcohol, you claim that "those crayfish must have been bad".
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