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Passing Of A Neighbor, Friend & Marble Pioneer, Larry Castle

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Hi all,

I know this belongs in the Marble Friends Memorial but not knowing how many people frequent that forum, I thought I would make the announcement that Larry Castle passed away December 11, 2008. The only reason I know is because my Dad worked with him at the Utah Transit Authority. Larry drove a bus up until two weeks before he passed away. He had cancer, received chemotherapy, a bone marrow transplant and everything went better than expected, enough so that he went back to work. His immune system was still weak from the chemotherapy and he contracted a lung infection and passed away two weeks later.

He authored two books with Marlow Peterson, "The Guide to Machine-Made Marbles" and "The Guide to Catseye Marbles".

I remember my first visit to his home in Ogden, Utah. He was very kind and willing to show me the projects that he was working on. He primarily restored handmades and showed me the only red mica I've seen. It was a work in progress at the time with a dull finish but it was well over an inch & a half. He also made very large ceramic marbles with incredible patterns.

He sold a huge part of his collection to pay for the hospital bills that he had. So, if by chance you were one of the lucky ones to win one of his high end or rare marbles off eBay, you have a treasure. Larry was a good man. :closedeyes:

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Thanks so much for the post, Fisherman... That gave us a lot more insight than we had...

There was a previous post about Larry's passing.

Sad News

It hadn't been moved to the memorial forum, yet.

(We start them here to be seen, then move them, to be saved....)

I'll let this one run for a while, then merge them before moving them.

He will be terribly missed.... When I think of him, I keep coming back to the lyric....

"But, I always thought that I'd see you, one more time again......"

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