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A Webpage That I Have Made About Collecting Marbles With My Son


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If this is out of line and not appropriate here I will delete the post. I started a blog of sorts about collecting marbles with my oldest son who will be 6 next month. We've only been collecting marbles about a year and a half and have a lot of fun doing it together. Did I do a fairly decent job, didn't make a ton of errors about stuff, etc? All I seek is feedback so I can correct errors I may have accidentally done or if there is something I can do to make it better. You can email or PM me suggestions if you wish. Thank you Howard.


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I landed there a coupla months ago. Cool site.

I registered just so I could post a message back then. I'd add an avatar now if I could remember my password. lol

I was going to reply to it but I was thinking maybe it's a different Steph:)

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